Mr. Antoni's Class site


Welcome to E_lite my dear students

This is a site that create to help you to get information about the lesson, English that you will have learned in the class with me. It contents about the theories and assignments/ homework in Bridges 2 unit 8-12 and Literature Connection: Maniac Magee & So Far from the Bamboo Grove. It also contains the information about rules and procedures in English class.  I hope that you will be able to use this site for your learning purpose.

What is E_lite?

Let me tell you why I named this site E_lite. E_lite is the abbreviation of English Literature.

I chose this name to create an atmosphere that all students who learn English especially learn literature are the privilege students. So, I can categorize them as an E_lite Group in the education world. By learning literature students will study about English through reading that followed by listening, speaking and writing. Those skills will be able to reach easily if the students learn English by learning English through literature, indeed. In case, my students learn literature in Bridges 2 and Literature Connections. Moreover, through literature students are able to implement their English in their daily life directly. Through this thing students will also learn about grammar indirectly. Having those skills will be able to make students understand English and face the English National Exam easily. Welcome to the E_lite world and become an E_lite student. Viva E_lite….!


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